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Anonymous: Do you not like Taylor Swifts music? Or her personality? Or just dont like her, plain and simple, no reason?

i don’t wanna elaborate cause it makes me sound like a salty hater! if you like tswift I have no qualms with that at all- she just isn’t my cup of tea 

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yeahthatantonio: Question #2: Do you have an opinion on Taylor Swift? Not necessarily about her controversial new video, but just generally as a musician/celebrity/post-gym fashion icon.

i’m not a fan :/
don’t hate me :/

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yeahthatantonio: Question #1: I always think it's fascinating to find out what people's least favorite songs from their favorite artists are. So are there any Kanye songs that you don't like? Personally, I've never been crazy about "Drunk and Hot Girls" (despite its great beat) or "Bring Me Down" (despite it being about brushing off the haters, which I totally cosign)

love this question hahaha. it’s really funny you mention not liking “Drunk and Hot Girls” cause that was consistently my least favorite Kanye song FOREVER but I had a change of heart about it a couple months ago.
least faves… never really liked “Barry Bonds”. if we’re counting Watch the Throne, I don’t like “That’s My Bitch” or “Made in America” at all hahah

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mutantninjaassasins: Hi Sadie, I've finally built up the confidence to start my own youtube channel, and I was wondering if you had any tips for doing this, and also starting talking to other people (as I tend to get a bit shy, even on the internet xD)

yeaahhh girl! that’s awesome!
here are some tips I’ve given in the past on this subject
but I think ultimately (and yeah I know everybody says this but it’s true) the best way to get comfortable and to start being authentic while vlogging is to do it over and over and over. each video you make will be better than the last one. you’ll start to grow into a style without even noticing it. if you feel really self-conscious, it might help to not even upload the first few- just do it for you and see what works and doesn’t work. make a short script about something that’s on your mind and see how it feels on camera. if the idea you’re trying to make into a video feels forced, ditch it. a better one will come!
don’t be too hard on yourself either!! I’m sure you’ll be great! :)

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Anonymous: hey, sadie! you mentioned in your closet tour video that you did a production of almost, maine. i love that play, and i was curious as to who you were in it. have a nice day! :)

aww yeah I was in it during my freshman year! I played Glory from the “Her Heart” vignette :) hope you have a nice day tooooo

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talking about Boyhood

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whatafoolsparadise: hey, I just wanted to tell you that I loveee what you're doing and you are an inspiration! It's peers like you that don't make me feel completely embarrassed of our generation.. thank you😌

this is the sweetest thing ever thank you thank you thank you

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Anonymous: You have a pretty awesome music taste (I haven't stopped listening to 'don't move' by phantogram). What are some songs that you're grooving to these days?

thank you!!! love that song so much. it had the same effect on me
here are some songs from my summer that I really like

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Anonymous: what are your favorite clothing stores? I love your style :)

thank you bb
buffalo exchange is where I buy most of my clothes these days. on the off chance that I have some ca$h to fux shit up with I go to Topshop. their clothes are pricey so it’s more of a special occasion place but I looovvve all of their stuff all the time

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Anonymous: but do you think that misspelling words and using all lowercase (I do it too) and things like that... like they're the "teen thing to do"... do you think that's actually good? Do we force ourselves to do it because it's the teen thing to do? I don't know. I'm not attacking you here! I'm just genuinely curious

not to be callous but I guess i just don’t care. I’m not really interested in debating the moral quandaries of using the “u” shorthand rather than typing out “you”. it just doesn’t really matter at all
"do you think that’s actually good"—I don’t know what "good" even would mean in that context really. there’s no point in assigning significance to a typing style 

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Anonymous: are you working on another film?


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houseplantheart: Yeahhhhh I try not to reject the word too bc like ultimately teenager is what I identify with and I'm not going to try to change that bc of other ppls negative connotations to it that aren't even fair. Also when ppl tell me I'm 'mature for my age' I try to call them out on it bc I think that's pretty insulting? Like do you realize you're generalizing a whole group of ppl by saying that? And yeah just try to get them aware of that hopefully making them think and realize the harm in it

all great points. i had never considered the hidden ageism in things like “you’re very mature for your age” but wow you’re so right

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houseplantheart: Honestly I feel like ppl are caught off guard bc it's become a normal thing to be annoyed by teenagers and want to "rise above" and be ~mature~ but it's bullshit that how connected we are via social media and things like selfies which are associated with teenagers are detrimental to society or whatever like it's just another way for ppl to put us down, ignore what we have to say and make us feel inferior

you bring up an interesting point about the instinct of many teenagers to want to “rise above” their own teenness. I think it’s the impulse of a lot of smartass young people to try to disassociate themselves from their “teen” label because our culture pushes the idea that teen = dumb vapid angst ball. I think to shy away from the label is the wrong approach. rather than do the “i’m not like MOST teens!!!” thing you should own the identifier and give it new meaning by making it your own. i think in this way teens can get respect as a whole. because if you’re an intelligent, decisive teenager who is constantly self-deprecating about your age, then adults won’t take you seriously. 

there isn’t enough smart, critical dialogue about teenness these days siggggggh smh

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Anonymous: what are your thoughts on best friends?

necessity!! best friends are lifeblood

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Anonymous: why do you love this whole teen millennial thing so much?

i’ve gotten questions similar to this one in the past (some of them were more aggressive than your own) and every time I’m confused by them. i really don’t see why me liking teenagers/conceptual teen-hood is so odd!
i don’t know? I don’t have an answer to this. “teen” is a part of my identity right now. i do my best to embrace and understand everything about life and the lens that i’m experiencing it through, and right now, my “teen” identifier affects the way I see the world. is that so weird?

also I guess just keep in mind that I am a lot more than what I put on the internet about myself. idk reiterating that felt necessary here

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