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Anonymous: Sadie what is something(s) that you like or are central to your identity that you don't feel you've expressed in your internet presence yet

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Anonymous: Could you possibly recommend me some songs with a similar vibe to "don't stop the music" that you used in your last video? Thank you so much :) x

funky jam-y…
maybe try Soul Finger by the Bar-Kays, Uncle ACE by Blood Orange, Hard to Handle by Otis Redding, Love Is The Drug by Roxy Music, Since I Left You by the Avalanches

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Footage from the Kanye West Wheelchair controversy that the media is pushing by saying that he is forcing disabled people to stand in his shows…

As you can see here it is complete bullshit. the media is trying to control you just like Kanye has been trying to tell everyone over the last year.

Please spread this video around. Let’s give Kanye a good name.

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fun reminder that the Kanye-related media you consume is probably racist so xoxox stay woke xoxoxo

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Anonymous: I saw the video and as a disabled person I still really hate that that happened. I would feel extremely embarrassed to have everyone's attention on me like that. It was ridiculous.

that is fair and I understand your point, but what I’m frustrated by is news outlets completely warping a situation, tailoring it towards the “kanye is a crazy person” trope. the story that was publicized was “Kanye forces disabled audience members to get out of their seats!!” which simply isn’t what happened. from what I understand this whole thing was done in typical pumping up the crowd “yaaaa everybody on your feet for this song woohoooo turn up!!” manner, but has been blown very out of proportion

edit: additionally, he wasn’t like publicly humiliating the disabled people in the audience. I’ve been reading accounts from people actually at the show and only the select few around those people knew they were disabled. the order of events was basically: “woo hoooo everyone on ur feet!” then “okay you guys have a pass tho obviously” and then “what about those guys tho!” because he didn’t know that they were disabled. the rest of the audience just thought they were downers or whatever who wouldn’t stand up for the song. that’s a lot of what I’m annoyed about too— complete misinterpretation of kanye’s actions to further demonize him in the public eye 

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Anonymous: Thoughts on the Kanye/disabled Australian fans story? 
add it to the list of media hooks attempting to make kanye look bad :———)

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haircut flex

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Anonymous: any book recommendations?

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart was soooooo gooooood
also did you know I have goodreads

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Anonymous: I really really want to find the person who asked you about small you tubers and subscribe to them!

I know!! me too! 

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Anonymous: Do you have any advice for finding other small youtubers to befriend? I've been on youtube for at least a year now and I still don't have any YT friends. :'( I'd really like to know some people who share my passion for filming and we can meet up and be a film crew, and just generally have a friend who doesn't think my hobby is weird would be great.

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Anonymous: What did you wear to your homecoming?

well last year I wore this black American Apparel bustier dress (this is what it looks like)
and freshman year I wore a modcloth dress that I don’t like anymore
and this year’s hasn’t happened yet so who knows!

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Anonymous: Hey Sadie! I'm having trouble with the vortex when hooping and you do it so well! I can't seem to get the speed or momentum right any tips?

hey! thank you!! some vortex tips-
-TURN while attempting to vortex. every trick you learn will be made easier if you try it while turning because that’ll automatically slow the hoop down
-this tutorial helped me a lot with the vortex what makes the vortex a bit tricky is that twisty little hand off that happens above your head and I think this guy does a good job at clarifying those movements cause they can be a bit mystifying  
-a big thing that helped me: the first motion of the vortex is the grasping of the hoop from your waist in order to raise it above your head. it helps to put the back of your hand behind your back and let the hoop hit the palm of your hand as you’re waist hooping in preparation for the vortex. by letting the hoop hit your palm, you’re becoming accustomed to the rhythm of the hoop, which will make it easier to know when to grasp.

you’ll get it!! I know you will. practice practice practice and it will just click one day!

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Anonymous: Why do you think girls in general wear make-up? I put it on daily and don't have a clue why:)

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