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Anonymous: what do you edit your videos with? :)

final cut pro 

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ohiamlostinmymind: Sadie, your hooping is absolutely beautiful!! You have inspired me to try it out. I found an adult sized hoop in my garage last night, and I'm super excited:)

yes!! yes!!!!! I am so happy to read this after a bad day!!!!!! 
if you want to join the facebook group I mentioned in this post definitely let me know and I will add you. please keep me posted on how you’re liking it :) I really hope hooping gives you the feeling that it gives me

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Anonymous: How're u so hot will u sit on my face pleass


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Anonymous: what camera do you use?

canon 60d

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beautiful Laura tagged me in the six selfies tag so here is me being your local piece of shit millennial six different times :—)

I tag whoever wants to post six pictures of themselves (so probably you right?)

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my hooping sesh today. I really feel like I’m getting a lot better and it makes me want to keep going! lots of playing around with barrel roll isolations/barrel rolls in general. went a lil crazy in this one ha ha ha

the song is Don’t Move by Phantogram and wow it’s sooo goooood right?

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imokhuede: yr yeezus tour video is so awesome!! made me mad ecstatic, like we were in united or something. good stuff.

ahhhhhh yay I’m so glad you connected to that video. yeezus tour brought out such a specific happiness in me and it’s really special to me that others who watched me talk about my experience relate so hard. I really miss yeezus tour :(
new album confirmed for this year tho!!

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“I get pretty fatigued by the idea that hip hop is axiomatically misogynistic, and I tend to steer clear of that minefield debate (even though I have a huge stake in it) because it’s usually waged by white feminists with an entry-level understanding of hip hop and defended by male rap fans who’ll call you a bitch who doesn’t “get it” if you baulk at its most vicious screeds.”

from "Eat it Up and Lay Wit It: Hip Hop, Cunnilingus, and Morality in Entertainment" by Madeline Holden

this is the all time realest, just so u know
why is summer ‘14 completely Feel Good Inc vibin 

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why is summer ‘14 completely Feel Good Inc vibin 

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dyingofacold: I've started hula hooping because of you! Never thought I'd ever have so much fun while still (kinda) exercising. Just wanted to say thanks for putting your video up and giving me some inspiration. Much love!

ahhhhh NO WAY!!! this is the best news!!! so so happy I could play a part in that for you. I hope hooping brings you the same joy that it brings me (✿◠‿◠)

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here is some smirky uniboob

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new videeeo


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carefreeblkgrl: can you give me a short hooping 101 like how to purchase a hoop and start learning tricks?

I’ve gotten both of my hoops from etsy shops. My beginner hoop I purchased from Hoopingforlife, and my polypro hoop (intermediate, basically) from Headyhandmades

I’ve learned most everything about hooping tricks so far 100% from youtube tutorials. There’s no one way to learn to hoop, and no particular order of tricks you have to follow either. Some youtubers who post great tutorials are Deanne Love, GemGen101, and wildkathoops. If you feel kind of overwhelmed by all the videos and don’t know where to start, GemGen101 actually has a playlist called "Learn to Hoop Dance" that goes in a logical order of where to start that I have found very helpful. Here’s a playlist that I’ve been curating for myself of tutorials that I like and want to work on too. 

Another great resource is hooptrix

But my favorite hooping secret is a facebook group that i’m a part of full of a whole bunch of beautiful ladiez learning to hoop. We post videos of ourselves hooping and ask each other hooping questions and encourage and help each other to figure out whatever trick we’re working on. If you have a facebook and want to be added to it (and I highly recommend you should- it’s very motivating and helpful and is such a great positive environment in general and I’ve made so many nice friends in it), message me with your email and I would be happy to invite you to it! 

oh- a brief explanation of beginner hoops vs. intermediate hoops-
the beginning hoop weighs more. the weight provides more momentum when hooping, which slows down the hoop, thus making the process of learning tricks easier. the intermediate hoops are made from polypro material, and are very very light and airy. They’re harder to learn on because they move fast, but once you get used to hooping, they are very freeing and make off-body tricks a lot easier. 

it sounds like a lot of info, I know, but trust me, once you jump in and start it’s so addictive and fun. I loooooooove hooping and have never been this passionate about a way to stay active before. I would never have thought that I would find a way to exercise that makes me feel like a sensual fairy princess BUT I FOUND IT. good luck <3 feel free to ask any more hooping questions you may have

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