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newweew videooeeeoe

posted this a couple days ago icymi!

Anonymous: What is your sexuality?

like 90% hetero

Anonymous: Can you talk about your sophomore year? I'm a sophomore this year and last year I had some times where I had suicidal thoughts. I thought things were better but all the stress from school is terrifying and I just really want to know what you would have told yourself going in to sophomore year and how to make it better.

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householdalliances: Hey Sadie! I love your youtube channel and tumblr, particularly some of the music that you use in your videos - but lately I've been feeling really uninspired with my music taste and music normally gives me ideas to make videos. I was wondering if it wasn't too much trouble whether you could recommend me any music that is described by the majority as 'electro ish indie alternative upbeat ish' (emphasis on the ish here) or any songs that really speak to you. (Side note I love kanye) thank you!!

hey! thank you!!
hmmm let’s see…”electro ish alternative ish”. here are some that you may like

-Help Me Lose My Mind by Disclosure
-Last of Our Kinds by Yuksek
-Artifice by SOHN
-everything Blood Orange makes is perfect but more synth-y than electro. either way though CHECK HIM OUT
-I like Phantogram (Mouthful of Diamonds, Don’t Move)
-Idioteque by Radiohead
-Everything Counts by Depeche Mode
-anything Ratatat makes perfectly fits the description you gave. some of my favorites are Drugs, Loud Pipes, Tropicana and Lex
-Karmageddon by M.I.A.
-also…one of my favorite songs of all time: Gifted by N.A.S.A. feat. Kanye, Santigold, and Lykke Li

hopefully you like something here! :):)

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Anonymous: your videos always make me think and that's SO cool because not many vids do that. i just love everything you do!!!!!!!

you make me want to cry!! you are so sweet to say this :’) thank you thank you

Anonymous: Who are your favorite youtubers

alyiswriting, over17mirrors, justmargaret, elisabethsusername, itsamemyleo, thethirdpew, angryfilmsproduction, karakamos… and many many many beauty gurus hahah
I’m definitely forgetting a lot cause I’m subscribed to like 400 people but this is a good start

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newweew videooeeeoe

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Anonymous: Hey Sadie! So you were talking about how much you loved drama in your videos and I was wondering if you had any advice on trying out for plays or anything like that.. I'm an incredibly shy person but I really want to try out for the one act at our school

you say you’re really shy…if what you want is just the camaraderie and stuff of participating in a production but you’re nervous about the actual acting part, then you can always do stage crew! it’s just as fun as acting in the show but in a different kinda way!

however if your problem is that you really want to ACT and SHINE on the STAGE but you’re nervous about it, my advice would be to GO FOR IT girl!! the fact that you’re a shy person who has the instinct to put yourself out there is incredible!! there are so many people on this planet who are too invested and obsessed with the labels they’ve given themselves (“introvert”, “nerd”, etc…) that they let those ideas about themselves hold them back. but you’re doing the opposite. that’s so awesome

my advice for trying out: see if you can get the script a week or so before the audition. if you can, try feeling out the characters in front of a mirror. practice different ways of interpreting and reading the part that you have in mind. also during the audition, it helps to project your voice. but don’t take it too seriously! doing theater in high school is just for fun

also, my new year’s resolution this year was to do stuff in life that scares me. it sounds dumb, but that tiny cornerstone has really shaped my year. it’s about seizing those opportunities in life that arise every once in a while, ones that deep in your heart you know would benefit you but that you’re so so so nervous to pursue. that idea applies to this situation I think. take the plunge!!! and tell me how it goes!

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Anonymous: Do you have any advice on being confident with yourself?

:( anonnnn :( bb :(
ok let’s talk
I’ve found that the best way to find confidence in yourself is to know your own worth, and one of the key elements to knowing your own worth is finding something that you’re good at, something that makes you feel fulfilled. any skill at all. baking, putting on makeup, exercising, supporting the people you love, giving thoughtful gifts to others, hula hooping (lol). try keeping a list of the things you’re good at, big and small. 

when you start to become attuned to these facets of who you are, you begin the process of showing yourself that YES, you do have value. yes, you contribute something to the earth. yes yes YES you do, you run this shit, let’s do this, nobody can fux w you, etc. I think it’s through the building of those little “hey wow I’m actually really good at this” moments that your feeling of self worth will grow and grow and grow, and, by association, so will your confidence 

you can do this. i know you can. of course the road to being confident in who you are is a process, but isn’t everything? it’s okay to not get there in a day. it’s okay for your feelings about who you are to fluctuate

also take pictures of yourself on the days when you feel good about who you are!! not even just when you feel physically attractive (though that helps too), but on the days when you feel truly happy and your confidence is glowing right out of your precious face. look back on those pictures on the days when you can’t remember what it feels like to like yourself. 


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Anonymous: what was the first band/singer/musician that you really got into?

The Strokes

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Anonymous: Do you not like Taylor Swifts music? Or her personality? Or just dont like her, plain and simple, no reason?

i don’t wanna elaborate cause it makes me sound like a salty hater! if you like tswift I have no qualms with that at all- she just isn’t my cup of tea 

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yeahthatantonio: Question #2: Do you have an opinion on Taylor Swift? Not necessarily about her controversial new video, but just generally as a musician/celebrity/post-gym fashion icon.

i’m not a fan :/
don’t hate me :/

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yeahthatantonio: Question #1: I always think it's fascinating to find out what people's least favorite songs from their favorite artists are. So are there any Kanye songs that you don't like? Personally, I've never been crazy about "Drunk and Hot Girls" (despite its great beat) or "Bring Me Down" (despite it being about brushing off the haters, which I totally cosign)

love this question hahaha. it’s really funny you mention not liking “Drunk and Hot Girls” cause that was consistently my least favorite Kanye song FOREVER but I had a change of heart about it a couple months ago.
least faves… never really liked “Barry Bonds”. if we’re counting Watch the Throne, I don’t like “That’s My Bitch” or “Made in America” at all hahah

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mutantninjaassasins: Hi Sadie, I've finally built up the confidence to start my own youtube channel, and I was wondering if you had any tips for doing this, and also starting talking to other people (as I tend to get a bit shy, even on the internet xD)

yeaahhh girl! that’s awesome!
here are some tips I’ve given in the past on this subject
but I think ultimately (and yeah I know everybody says this but it’s true) the best way to get comfortable and to start being authentic while vlogging is to do it over and over and over. each video you make will be better than the last one. you’ll start to grow into a style without even noticing it. if you feel really self-conscious, it might help to not even upload the first few- just do it for you and see what works and doesn’t work. make a short script about something that’s on your mind and see how it feels on camera. if the idea you’re trying to make into a video feels forced, ditch it. a better one will come!
don’t be too hard on yourself either!! I’m sure you’ll be great! :)

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